Saturday, June 11, 2011

Okay so here's a quick update of my nails from Tuesday! Will it last another 6 days? Next Friday should be the 10th day. Please correct me if I'm wrong :]

My right hand with the polish alone. 

My left hand with base/top coat.

I'm like, dying to pick at them because it's what I do after 4 days lol. I'm used to painting them every 4-5 days. But I'll resist the urge. I used about 3-4 coats of polish which I don't like because it takes forever to dry, even with a dry quick coat to speed up drying. But so far there are no chips on my left hand, and my right hand's middle finger has the tiniest chip, but you can barely tell it is even there unless you point it out. So far so good :) Sorry if the pictures aren't that great, I have a picnic to go to! So I'm in a little hurry, but I wanted to get this up. I'll have better pictures next time.

Stayyyy tuuuuned :]

ohhh *edit*

The silver only took about 2 coats tops :)


The Beauty Group™ June 11, 2011 at 1:18 PM  

This look absolutely gorgeous!! Love the one silver nail with the other nude ones!!! Good job ;)

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