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 Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yesterday was, I know, the 10th day for my “Will it last?” test…but I was really busy yesterday. Soooo I woke up early and took pictures first thing ^_^ Here’s what I ended up with:

Left hand with top and base coat
 My left hand was obviously better than my right because of the base and top coat. My middle finger was definitely worn down, and a little bit of my pinky finger chipped in the corner.

Right hand with polish alone
My right hang showed the most chips. My nails grow uber fast so I broke a couple nails :( 

They look kinda gross, which is probably why I don't keep polish on for more than a week lol. But I think for 10 days, the end results were pretty average. I didn’t really expect for the polish to stay perfect, but for the amount of time I had them on, they looked pretty decent. They did wear down from like typing and stuff. Since “Bare Naked” is a nude, it was hard to tell if there were any chips, but the chips were clearly visible with the silver. A black or a darker color may have been the better choice to use when testing the lasting power of these polishes, but the nude was so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

That’s what I think about it…what do you guys think? :)


Sarah June 19, 2011 at 3:46 AM  

Great test, I was really looking forward to the results of these. My nailvarnish always seems to wear off my index finger first (and I mean like half the way off, while the others are fine) I guess that's because I use it more than the others. Maybe I should try this and see if I get the same results... xxx

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