Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here's an interesting article I'd love to share with my readers for today!

Polish Up Your Appearance!
By: Jackie Clark

Are you someone who is someone who is dealing with
mesothelioma treatment, you know that life has thrown you for a
loop. In the midst of dealing with the consequences of asbestos
, you will find that you can find an impressive amount of
strength simply in taking care of yourself. A little bit of polish to
your body and your mental state can help you stay on top of
things, and at the end of the day, you will discover it takes less
than you think.

First, consider your personal appearance. Subconsciously, you
will find that you simply feel better when you love the way that
you look. Looking good means that you take care of yourself,
and of course you feel good because of it! What small tasks can
you do to make yourself feel good? In the first place, consider
your hair and your hands. If you feel too tired or too drained to
head to the salon, give yourself a little in home beauty treatment
for your hair using coconut oil, olive oil or any other type of
natural oil. Smooth out split ends by sleeking them down with oil,
and then rinse it out a little later. This gives your hair a natural

If you want to make sure that your nails look good, condition
them just the way that you do your hair. Take a small amount of
oil and rub it on your fingernails. This is all you need to do . If
you polish your nails, condition them first to make sure that they
don’t get dried out and unhappy. A small task like this one can
keep you looking and feeling much more professional and

Don’t forget to let color therapy work for you. Think about the
colors that you consider to be your favorites. Chances are good
that there are reasons that they are your favorite. For example,
do you feel particularly calm and serene when you were blues
and greens? Do you feel bright and energized when you wear
red or orange? Take a moment to think about the colors you

love and how you can use them to affect your mood.

Despite your daily challenges and fatigue, choose your favorite

pajamas and put on a lovely robe that makes you feel
wonderfully womanly and elegant. Even if your energy is low you
can feel beautiful resting. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to
turn your self esteem around and feel fashionable despite

If you are invested in making sure that your days are full of
energy and hope, consider what you are wearing. A small
amount of polish can turn your day around and just for a single
moment help you forget about your prognosis. Be sure that you
love the way that you look and walk out with confidence. It only
takes a little bit of time to give you the bounce you need.

I like this article because it offers simple beauty tips that will make you look and feel great!
Want to read more from Jackie? I thought so :) Check out her blog to read more articles about her knowledge about cancer and beauty. "


I'm back :)

 Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here's a quick review on a product I purchased a couple weeks ago :)

The thing I like about this palette, is that the bottom row is a row of matte shadows. I love matte eyeshadows, I prefer them over the shimmery ones. However, for this palette, I did not like the first two matte colors. They just looked weird on my eyes, and I thought they were too similar in color. The brown is great and the black is perfect. Shimmers aren't my favorite, but for me the browns in the 3rd column are totally gorgeous. The white in the top left corner is another matte shadow, and I like that one too. Here are swatches:

When it comes down to it, this palette is average. It's not one that I whip out every morning to use. But if I need a great shimmery warm brown, I'll definitely turn to this palette for that look I'm going for :)


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